Podcasts that CONNECT: Why You Need Design Help

Podcasts that CONNECT: Why You Need Design Help

All too often, we stumble upon the lengthy, confusing, opinionated podcast of a self-proclaimed “expert” who loves the sound of their own voice. A misguided commentary with no clear direction, theme or conclusion unfolds.  It leaves us wondering whether technology is going to be our demise. It forces us to think twice about who should connect with the masses.

These podcasters walk among us. Some of them are us. To save money and time, they recorded a few ramblings, threw them up on iTunes and hoped for the best.

Podcasts offer an opportunity to showcase something – an expert opinion, a problem to be solved, a story to be told, an interview to conduct. With the right production tools, the subject can be highlighted in a way that leaves the audience wanting more. This provides a unique opportunity to become a part of the listener’s daily routine, which creates an ongoing connection. For all these reasons, podcasting is one of today’s most overlooked marketing tools.

Podcasting likely flies under the radar as a game-changing marketing and learning channel because it takes a lot of work to produce one. From strategizing a captivating series to writing concise scripts, conducting behind-the-scenes equipment checks, capturing stimulating commentary, overlaying audio, video and visuals and conveying the kind of flow that keeps the listener engaged– an ear-worthy podcast doesn’t just happen. Without the right editing and production resources, a podcast can easily lose direction, missing the golden opportunity to connect with the listener.

And, while it might seem like sensible business acumen to cut down costs and editing hours with DIY podcasting, credibility gets axed in the process.

Luckily, TCP’s Learning Designs Solution Studio is fully equipped to produce powerful, engaging, multi-dimensional podcasts both in-house and from afar. Learning Design Technologists work from story-boarding, through recording and into post-production to build a podcast that captures the audience and solidifies its spot in their daily routine. We’re the ones who execute the cuts, edits, musical overlays, visuals and thousand other factors that go into creating a podcast that CONNECTS.

Contact our Learning Designs Solution Studio for your podcasting production needs, so you can put those hours back into running your business.


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With over 30 years involved in the business of learning, Gertrude Mandeville has had the opportunity to work with myriad of learners— health care professional, teachers, engineers, trucking, insurers, accountants and even traditional undergraduate – just to name a few. As a result, she has a unique perspective on the effectiveness of most existing learning models and how as learning professionals, traditional L&D must move from order takers to consultative role so we can begin to have influence on our organization’s future. This requires use of techniques such as visual planning and analysis that is efficient, effective and leads to optimal learning analytics – moving away from outdated analytics. In 1997, Ms. Mandeville launched TechComm Partners which incorporated in 2007 as TechComm Partners, Inc. In 2010, she began to re-brand the company as TCP Learning Powered by TechComm Partners, Inc.

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