HOW to Boost Sales/Hire– Guaranteed

HOW to Boost Sales/Hire– Guaranteed

When a PE firm invested in over 100 growth-oriented tech firms asked its portfolio company CEOs what they needed to thrive, “we need to hire better people” topped the charts.

Focusing first on sales roles, The Talent Analytics Group [TAG] was chosen to quantify the power of an exclusive tuned sales predictor against 3 years of sales data for 18 portfolio companies. Three waves of data collected and analyzed using individual response vs. item analytics were processed. Our prediction suite featuring measures of deep thinking, clear thinking, grit, resilience, integrity, and savvy delivered peak levels of performance accuracy. And for those worried about candidates who drop out of the 30-minute online assessment, research shows that those who drop out do so in the first two minutes and would rarely have scored high enough to be selected anyways.

Now we can confidently guarantee the sales boost delivered by our sales suite, given the average client annual territory size in dollars, and the current method prospective clients use to hire salespeople. The table below reveals a first look at the likely sales boost:

First, pick the row closest to the annual average territory size in sales dollars.

Second,chose column A if your firm adds a personality test and behavioral interviews to the popular basic methods of column B. Pick Column B if currently using just subjective resume sorts and unstructured interviews, with a reference check thrown in. Take the tabled value, put it in the bottom row box on the left, and then multiply by the number of sales hires expected over the next 3 years AND the average tenure of sales hires.

That’s the boost in sales, over the firm’s current average sales, that TAG puts its fees at risk to guarantee. But if the actual boost exceeds the guarantee, TAG earns a proportional bonus. It’s only fair.

The PE firm set its own financial analysts to projecting the impact of the proven increase in sales performance over its entire portfolio for the next five years. Their impact calculations extended the increased sales into the increased valuation of their portfolio companies. Increased sales has a 4X leverage on valuation. They (not us) came up with a potential impact well over $1B, and that stands for billion, dollars. So it turns out that people are your most valuable asset, after all.

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