The Behavioral Interview Online

The Behavioral Interview Online

The Behavioral Interview Online (BIO) automates the collection of interview answers and the confirmation of those answers via credible previous supervisors or colleagues.

BIO normally consists of 3-6 questions and handles three types of behavioral areas:

  • Competency
  • Technical
  • Achievement

First, BIO collects a brief statement of key results related to one of the experience categories.

Next, candidates can opt to make their answer more compelling by making it confirmable. Candidates do this by providing the name, number, and email address of their most credible witness to their answers, giving BIO permission to send that person a confirmation request email.

The last three steps in the question cycle have the candidate:

  • Describe how they achieved the key result
  • Receive automated feedback that highlights where they may have gone off track
  • Edit their answer based on the feedback (optional)

Behavioral Interview Online answers are both auto scored and manually scored.

The auto score is based on an algorithm that considers both candidate self-ratings and the ratings of the witness, displaying in the candidate’s Assessment Report.

In addition to the Assessment Report, BIO generates a Personalized Interview Kit that contains everything that has been collected online about the candidate, including behavioral questions for the final round interviewers.

What does the BIO do for Employers?

  • It collects behavioral answers further up the selection funnel than is feasible for on-site interviews or even telephone screening interviews
  • It has interviews candidates at all times of the day and night with no labor cost (example: BIO interviewed over 30,000 candidates in under 90 days to fill 800 openings)
  • It harnesses the power of credible witnesses to further leverage the value of behavioral answers
  • It cuts the costs and boosts the accuracy of short-list screening decisions
  • It reduces travel and logistics costs for final decision interviews, now made with the benefit of a Personalized Interview Kit

How Well Does it Work?

Ratings made on behavioral interview answers are one of the best predictors of a candidate’s job performance. Reviews of published research find behavioral interviewing almost as accurate as cognitive ability methods, 53% vs. 54%, (as measured by our Logic Inventory method), for predicting job performance. Research conducted on over 40,000 candidates consistently found BIO to be rated as more thorough, less stressful, and 5-10X more likely to result in offer acceptance (compared to traditional screening methods).

What is better about the BIO Solution?

  • It is the easiest, most consistent, and uniform process for obtaining past performance information on candidates to leverage the accuracy of shortlist screening decisions
  • It is the only online interview to feature automated answer coaching
  • It adds the richness of stories and witness confirmations to a candidate’s Personalized Interview Kit, enabling short, positive, accurate final hiring decisions
  • It collects confirmations of specific past performance
  • It can replace the less accurate but more expensive telephone reference checks

Learn more about the Behavioral Interview Online here.

Take a tour of the Behavioral Interview Online Assessment Report here.

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