Join the GTA Mastermind Group

Join the GTA Mastermind Group

As busy, hardworking professionals, it can be difficult for us to find quality sounding boards. For the past few years, the Global Talent Advisors have had weekly conversations focusing on the business  side of HR – offering solutions, advice and expertise of actual value. They’re tactical, they’re usable, and they’ve grown our businesses and our networks. We walk away with answers and return the following week with questions, utilizing each other’s real-life knowledge and experience to solve problems and brainstorm pathways to success.

We decided it’s time to take these conversations to the next level, expanding their reach to others in the talent management & development industry.

With that, we’re pleased to invite you to join the Global Talent Advisors Mastermind Group. If you’re looking for in-depth conversations and diverse perspectives, the growth of your network and knowledge, the optimization of your communication skills, or that quality sounding board I mentioned above, I encourage you to join us.

We’ve lined up an engaging list of topics and I think your input would be invaluable to the conversations:

  • How are you Crafting Compelling Job Offers?
  • Managing Talent Without Inviting Trouble: Privacy & Data Security in HR. 
  • Walking the Talk on Pay Equity: Are You Sure You’re Being Fair?
  • The Top Learning Strategies for Developing Your Workforce.
  • HR Data & Analytics: Are you Doing it Right?

Sign up here to receive more information and a formal invitation to our first Mastermind Group Discussion.

We’re looking forward to adding your expertise to the conversation.

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