Does your Personality have a Pulse?

Does your Personality have a Pulse?

Of course it does, but you might not know which of nine pure Personal WorkSTYLES fits you best. This zippy app will show you in just Six Clicks.

You rate yourself on six behaviorally defined scales and we email you your Personal WorkSTYLE report straight away. This report shows you in words and graphs how you score compared to others on the six personality dimensions. It also describes your best-fit to the four high-level types, and then details your primary and alternate fit to the nine predictive types.

The report provides coaching on your primary high-level type, including how someone in your type can best inform and influence others from the other three high level types.

It’s all FREE, but we hope that if you will get in touch with the owner, GTA founding member Dr. Tom Janz, should you want to use it in organizational setting.

Click here to go directly to the WorkSTYLE Profiler. Or, from the GTA Homepage, click on the WorkSTYLE Profiler tab to get started!

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Dr. Janz is a seasoned, published thought leader in talent sourcing, assessment, and development applies the following strengths to creating human asset value: advanced analytical skills, emotional intelligence, realistic optimism, a passion for achievement and the courage to be new. Tom published the foundational research and wrote the book on behavioral interviewing. He pioneered simulation software for forecasting the business impacts of scientific selection, designed an online behavioral interview platform, and created measures of leadership culture that have a direct link to business unit engagement, burnout, and profitability.

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