Health:Further Festival 2017 – Changing the Way We Look at Healthcare

Health:Further Festival 2017 – Changing the Way We Look at Healthcare

I am so lucky to live in Nashville, TN. Especially last week.

It began with Monday’s eclipse, which we were able to see in all its glory. The only time in my life that there was total silence for a few minutes. Not even any road noise!

Then, on Tuesday, experts and thought leaders in healthcare, entrepreneurship, innovation, academia and government converged in a festival to spur community around finding solutions to critical issues in the health and wellness space.

Many know Nashville for it’s music. It is “Music City,” after all. Well it’s also a major center for the healthcare industry. The Music City Center, opened its doors to welcome healthcare consumers, providers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested “in a community that is building-and celebrating-the future of health*.”

We heard from speakers on the applications of virtual reality to healthcare as well as the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman. Talks were interspersed with music from local songwriters, and blues legend, Delbert McClinton. I was especially inspired to hear Proctor and Gamble’s Craig Wynett take us through his journey in creativity. He’s the guy who worked on Swiffer, if you didn’t know. 

Entrepreneurs gave their pitches in a version of “Shark Tank meets March Madness*,” the Health:Further Pitch Competition.

For someone like me, whose world is innovation and strategy, it was an inspiring week. I will have nuggets to share for months to come from all the great content and people I connected with.

One thing stood out to me. One major challenge:

How can organizations best engage their entire workforce to create cultures of innovation? Gallup’s August 29 weekly survey shows only 31.8% of the workforce is engaged at work.

How can we expect to innovate with nearly 70% of employees are checked out?

The Global Talent Advisors work to solve gritty problems like these. In fact, we are looking for opportunities to test our ideas and invite you to participate in a pilot study on innovation in the enterprise. For more information, contact us at

*H:F Program Notes

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