Talent Management Must-Reads

Talent Management Must-Reads

Nowadays, there is no shortage of resources available to enhance the brainpower of HR, Talent, Learning & Development, and Strategic leaders. Some of these become newfound industry go-to materials, but I always look for more.

The insights from the Global Talent Advisors is on the top of my list, of course, so please add us to your regular reading!

I also study up and stay current from a wide array of sources focusing on business and talent management. I’m not including the standard SHRM and ATD materials here, as those are sort of common denominators.

Here are some of my favorite industry reading materials, and must-reads for any practitioner with a thirst for knowledge and innovation: 

  • Kaiser Health News’ Morning Brief (khn.org)
  • The Management Tip of the Day from the Harvard Business Review (hbr.org)
  • Weekly Hotlist, also from the Harvard Business Review
  • Chief Learning Officer Today (clomedia.com)
  • Workforce Week (workforce.com)
  • HREOnline (hreonline.com)
  • The International Leadership Association’s ILA Interface (ila.org)
  • A variety of newsletters from McKinsey Insights (mckinsey.com)
  • Thiagi Game Blog (thiagi.com)

I’m not a big Twitter user, since I find it sucks up my time and attention (how does a 140 character limit do that?), but you can follow all of the above on Twitter as well.

And for a little levity with a point, try:

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Happy reading!

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