Why GTA?

Global Talent Advisors (GTA) is insight in action. Created for HR professionals who are passionate about delivering strong business results, our experts promote an open exchange across industry perspectives to debunk, debrief and consult with devoted practitioners.

As business executives, not just HR experts, we create a dialogue between the HR professional and the C-level suite.

Our team offers cumulative research and practical experience in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Strategy & Performance Management, Succession Planning, Organizational Design & Learning, HR Process Mapping, Technology & Engineering, Employment Branding, Candidate Experience, RPO & Vendor Management.

We strive to help talent professionals effectively leverage their human assets.

GTA isn’t just about delivering expertise—it’s about hearing all sides of the story. Do you find yourself straddling the fence between the business and human resource sides of your organization? Do you wonder how you can increase ROI on talent investments and ensure your HR strategy and practices are aligned? A consultation with GTA offers solutions from experts who have applied them in their own careers.

Simply sign up to “Talk to an Advisor” on our homepage. We’ll e-mail you back within 24 hours, assess your HR and Business needs and schedule a free consultation with the Advisor who is best suited to offer a solution.

We create a learning environment where you can utilize your industry experience to optimize your value.

The best interest of our members isn’t served in equipping them with arguments to impress and influence others. It is served when they can better understand Talent System Dynamics.

Let’s work together to replace subjectively biased hunches with the kind of strategic, informed expertise that raises the wealth of human capital.

We value your input.


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