Performance Managment Backchat

This discussion about performance management was a lively one. Because of our experiences and different areas of expertise, our conversations around this topic were quite varied. We’ve broken them down into several different podcasts for you.

Introduction to Performance Management

In this first clip, we begin to highlight our perspective about how performance management is perceived beginning with the annual performance review and concluding with somewhat difference in opinion about the affect of motivation on an employee’s performance.

Disengagement and the Job Description

In the second clip of this conversation, Tom and Pat continue with how disengagement can occur and Denis concludes that a job description should only be three lines.

Job Descriptions, Innovation and Performance Management

In the final segment, the group has a lively discussion about job descriptions and innovation !

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With over 30 years involved in the business of learning, Gertrude Mandeville has had the opportunity to work with myriad of learners— health care professional, teachers, engineers, trucking, insurers, accountants and even traditional undergraduate – just to name a few. As a result, she has a unique perspective on the effectiveness of most existing learning models and how as learning professionals, traditional L&D must move from order takers to consultative role so we can begin to have influence on our organization’s future. This requires use of techniques such as visual planning and analysis that is efficient, effective and leads to optimal learning analytics – moving away from outdated analytics. In 1997, Ms. Mandeville launched TechComm Partners which incorporated in 2007 as TechComm Partners, Inc. In 2010, she began to re-brand the company as TCP Learning Powered by TechComm Partners, Inc.

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