Backchat #2 with Dr. Tom Janz

Backchat #2 with Dr. Tom Janz

Every wonder if your candidates get bored during screening tests. In this GTA podcast, listen to our assessment expert Dr. Janz discuss with two other GTA Advisors, Pat Sharp and Denis Barnard  the challenges and issues associated with using assessments for talent acquisition.


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Dr. Janz is a seasoned, published thought leader in talent sourcing, assessment, and development applies the following strengths to creating human asset value: advanced analytical skills, emotional intelligence, realistic optimism, a passion for achievement and the courage to be new. Tom published the foundational research and wrote the book on behavioral interviewing. He pioneered simulation software for forecasting the business impacts of scientific selection, designed an online behavioral interview platform, and created measures of leadership culture that have a direct link to business unit engagement, burnout, and profitability.

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