HR and Innovation

HR and Innovation

3M, Google, Apple–they are known for their iconic, innovative cultures.   It can be daunting to try and copy their cultures, but there are things any company can do to promote innovation internally. Trudy Mandeville and I had a recent conversation about this topic  which is captured here. I think there are several useful ideas. Do you agree? As we are just getting started with this topic, please share your thoughts, questions and cases to shape our conversations. I am actively seeking HR Innovators to interview, so don’t be shy!


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Pat is currently launching Tournovate BIG℠, a gamified approach to infuse companies with innovative thinking and create a sustainable culture of innovation. Pat has worked across a spectrum of industries: financial and professional services, entertainment, manufacturing, and media, including: ENA, Willis Towers Watson, Deloitte, Motorola, and several growth stage companies.

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