Welcome to Global Talent Advisors

Welcome to Global Talent Advisors

We here at GTA would like to extend a very warm welcome to our first edition.

This resource has been born out of the coming together of a number of experts with knowledge and experience not only across the whole spectrum of HR activity, but also related topics such Recruitment, Learning, Payroll and Workforce Management.

Our purpose is clear: to inform, to advise, to assist, and, equally, to challenge and provoke thought and raise the level of debate which we know is happening both internally and externally in this era of examination of the function.

To this end, we aim to bring you key articles on a regular basis in the Journal, together with links back to the collateral in our individual websites. The articles will invite comment, which will be published in the following edition together with our own ripostes. These articles will be from a variety of personalities ranging from thought leaders to senior figures from organisations selling into the professional market.

We want all our readers to take part and give their views; that is the best way for all of us to learn – and improve.

We thank you for your attention and look forward to your continued engagement with us.

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